Mango Banana

Mango Banana

The Indian Mango is a wonder fruit. Whether it is, alphonsos, safedha, dasehri or langra – mangoes take us all back to our childhoods with their ripe golden pulps, bringing back memories of loving grandmas cutting the fruit and playful cousins fighting over the last one.

It is believed that mangoes lower blood sugar levels, help in blood pressure management, boost brain and bone health (they are packed with vitamin B6 and vitamin K) and lower the risk of heart diseases. They are also very rich in iron and beta-carotene, helping immunity boosts and preventing anemia.

The Banana is one of the most convenient, inexpensive and delicious fruits in the world. The high levels of potassium and magnesium in the fruit help control blood pressure and its high starch content is great for those who would like to manage their weight.

Since there is no added sugar in FRU2go, the banana gives the mango pulp an added sweetness. With a uniquely satisfying texture for your palette, it is also a great source of energy. Banana’s qualities mixed with the nutrients of mangoes make FRU2go complete and healthy snack for whenever hunger strikes. We at FRU2go bring the best of both these fruits in this one fantastic product.

FRU2go comes with an Anti-Choking Cap making it the safest choice for parents and kids both. It also has a 4 layer packaging that stops oxygen from reacting with the all natural fruit pulp and increasing its shelf life to 6 months.