Top Tempting, Yummy and Healthy After School Snacks

Every parent looks for healthy snacks options for kids after school. Dropping off that heavy school bag on the floor, children rush to their mothers looking for something yummy to feed their growling bellies. Spicy or sweet, every kid loves homemade snacks that has a flavor of their mother’s ‘magic’.

May it be the early childhood or adolescent years of your kid, every child feels exhausted once home. An average student spends close to five hours daily at school. With just one lunch break in a day, your kid is bound to feel hunger pangs as soon as he reaches home.

Nothing is better than revitalising him with delectable after school snacks. Let us read further about exciting and tasty options for a healthy snack for those exhausted adorable angels.

Healthy Snacks For Kids To Drink

Drinking 2-3 litres of water every day or having milk for breakfast is vital for a growing kid. But find a kid who does not find milk mundane. The taste of milk is bound to get monotonous and soon after these young palates would want to explore. This is when you can go in for these drinks that are tasty as well as nutritious:

Berry Smoothie

Blend your kid’s favourite flavour of Greek yoghurt with different berries in a blender like strawberries, cranberry, raspberry or blueberry. Serve it in a mason jar with rainbow sprinkles and tutti frutti. See your kid leap with joy. You can also add cookies or oreo biscuits in the blender as per your child’s choice.

Turmeric Lassi

There are times when your kid comes home with a running nose or a sore throat. Don’t worry! We have a suggestion for a healthy drink during the hard times as well. Blend yogurt with honey, turmeric powder and slices of a frozen banana. Serve it with chopped pistachios. In case your kid loves this drink, you can serve this chilled along with a few ice cubes as well.

Sparkling Peach Lemonade

Add some sparkle to that healthy drink for your kid. You need sliced peaches, lemons, a raspberry lemonade, and ice for this refreshing lemonade. Instead of adding sugar, you can add agave nectar. This is a natural sweetener that comes from fruit sugar also known as fructose.

Watermelon Splash

Add cubes of seedless watermelon in a blender with 2-3 key limes. Make sure you add lots of ice as children love chilled beverages. Add in half a cup of sugar; salt is optional. Your kid will love this watermelon splash after a hot sunny day at school.

Healthy Snacks For Kids To Munch

What if you are able to quench the summer thirst but your kid’s stomach still growls of hunger? We surely have few options for healthy eating snacks here as well.

Mini Fruit Pizza

It is refreshing to have these miniature fruit pizzas in summer. These bite-size healthy snacks suffice the appetite of a hungry school kid. The rainbow fruits surely add to the excitement of the kids. Crispy and creamy, top these sweet pizza bases with fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and apples.

Summer Squash Pasta

Prepare a healthy snack of pasta and add on healthy vegetables such as zucchini, cucumber, sprouts, corn, capsicum, carrots, and of course a lot of cheese. A tint of mint shall make this dish absolutely perfect. White or red, the choice of sauce is yours (as per your kid’s preference of course!).

Spiced Sweet Potato Samosa

Which Indian kid doesn’t love samosas? You can always trick your kid into having samosas for a snack. Just remember to substitute potatoes with sweet potatoes and you have a healthy snack to go. You can always add in groundnuts, raisins and coconut milk to the filling, to make it tastier.

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