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These DIY Healthy Snacks for Kids are Literally Child’s Play

Keeping your teenagers engaged in fun activities is an essential aspect of parenting. Sometimes, it may mean organizing activities for them and at other times, it may mean letting their creativity run wild. As a parent it is a must to encourage them to engage in activities they have crafted for themselves. Organizing Do-It-Yourself Healthy snacks for kids is one such an innovative task that youngsters are sure to enjoy indulging alone or in groups.


Here are your choices for DIY Healthy snacks for kids:


Muffins for those Mid-meal Cravings

Hear the word muffin and all mothers cry out in unison against the white killers that go into making them. But a muffin can be a healthy snack for kids. Just replace the regular ingredients with oatmeal flour, berries, date sugar and some chocolate chips and let your child surprise you with a muffin that watches your weight. In fact, they’ll be proud to carry their fruit of labor in their lunchbox, as it is a wonderful school snack for kids.


Smoothie Operators!

A smoothie is the easiest and most quick snack your child can prepare before school, after a game of football or for those lazy Sunday brunches. Be it oats and fruit smoothies or one with greens and superfoods like chia seeds and flax seeds, let your young one mix and match ingredients besides you as you two whip up a storm in the kitchen.


Out of the Box and Into the Tummy Sandwich Ideas

Mention sandwiches and then let your little teen surprise you. You’ll be amazed by the number of ideas they may have about the ingredients and the look of the dish. From club cheese sandwich, mozzarella sandwich, salami and cheese sandwich, grilled sandwich with pears, apple and cheese to the more popular cucumber cream cheese sandwiches, you might find a high-tea assortment right on your meal table.


No-bake Only Fun Cheesecakes

What can be better in summers than having healthy snacks without so much as turning on the oven? A fruity no-bake cheesecake prepared by the children is god’s answer to your prayers. Combine the goodness and sweetness of berries with some cream cheese and the tasteful delight is ready to devoure. The ideas can range from coconut cream to sugar-free peanut butter; mixed berry sauce with cream, replacing cream cheese with Greek yogurts and biscuits with crushed nuts for the crunch.


Balled Over by the Peanut Punch

Full of fiber and essential nutrients, healthy peanut butter balls really pack a punch and super easy to make. Just combine homemade sugar-free peanut butter, chocolate chips, oats, unsweetened coconut flakes, ground flaxseed, honey, small date pieces and chia seeds. And let your young ones roll them into balls or whichever shape they may like, and healthy snacks for the kids party or school lunch is ready.


Low in Calories High on Love Sev Puri

Indian snacks for kids do not always mean fried and greasy food items. Everyday snack items can be given a twist and the children would love to get it all together by themselves. From baked papdis to replacing potato bites with boiled and mildly spiced chickpea or kidney beans the options are endless and the taste is to relish forever.

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