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Make this Mother’s Day Special by Gifting Your Mom Health and Wellness

How about making this Mother’s Day special and more meaningful by showing your mom you care about her health and wellness? Be it physical, mental, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

Flowers, her favourite chocolates, gifts and a loving card will always lift her heart and bring on a happy smile.

However, a conscious effort to help her stay in good health will show her you care about her well-being and are there to cheer her on to achieve her health and fitness goals.

Whether she is struggling to take some time out for herself, squeeze a kickboxing class in her already exacting schedule or trying to switch to healthier food, gift your mom something that will improve her sense of well-being and she will value for years to come.

Here are eight Mother’s Day ideas that spell a healthier lifestyle for your mom

Gift her a membership to her favourite fitness class

Enrol her for that kickboxing, martial arts or yoga class she has been eager to join for ages, but has been stalling.

Make sure you do the homework and figure out the convenient timings and days for her before you pay up.


Sign her up for a long-cherished weekend activity

It is essential your mom finds meaning to her life beyond the day-to-day home and work rituals and feels mentally and psychologically recharged and stimulated.

Sign her up for a weekend class of her desired stress buster - A doodle or photography workshop, clay modelling class, robotics, LEGO workshop, baking session, book reading club, are some of the activities that come to mind.

Gift your mom a cookbook

To help her achieve her goal of switching to healthier eating, gift a cookbook of easy, quick and nutritious recipes.

A recipe book of her favourite dishes that can be rustled up fast and not something elaborate as that will only gather dust on the kitchen shelf.

Go ahead, make Mother’s Day special, and show the love!

Cook a healthy meal for her

Among the much-loved Mother's Day celebration ideas, nothing will show your support more than actually whipping up a delicious and healthy meal for her.

Serve her favourite salad with a Watermelon Mojito, while she lounges in the den watching a long-on-the-list movie or reads a book.

Follow this up with a long session of chitter-chatter over a bowl of char-grilled vegetables and tofu with a generous drizzle of her favourite sauce.

Round it up with a low-fat fruit yoghurt as a dessert and delight in the radiance on your mom’s face.

Gift a wholesome food hamper

Both your mom and you are pressed for time, and you are not able to cook that delectable healthy meal for her? Fret not, for help is here.

There are other equally endearing ways to make Mother’s Day special.

Buy assorted healthy foods and make a beautiful and inviting gift hamper.

A portion of that delish beetroot hummus with multi-grain crackers to take care of her protein and carbs, a 100% natural fruit snack like FRU2go to ensure she gets her daily fix of the essential nutrients in fruits.

To this, you can add a box of her favourite protein and mineral-rich low-calorie sushi, and a tub of jamun ice cream to satiate her cravings for sweets without any guilt.

Ensure she gets her spiritual detoxification

Arrange the meditation or inner engineering session she has been keen on but has not found the time.

Take over her chores for the day or weekend and drive her there.

Let her know you have got her back and she won’t come back to piled up tasks, and she can indulge herself to a day of self-exploration, recharging her exhausted energies.

Run a marathon together

Of course, the marathon cannot be scheduled to happen on Mother’s Day itself! It’s more of a promise for the future.

Register for an upcoming one on the day and make it part of the Mother’s Day special.

It will be a high of a different kind for both your mom and you.

The happy bonhomie, the cheering each other on, revelling in the electric atmosphere and finally the sheer joy of finishing the marathon!

It will also boost your mom’s confidence and ‘I can do it spirit’, and will get her more gung-ho about her health and fitness levels.

This one will also become a special trip down the memory lane for you both.

Sign-up for a joint activity

This one’s going to delight her and ensure her emotional wellness like no other!

Figure out an activity the two of you could do together.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not a regular activity, given the time constraints on both ends.

The idea is to spend some quality time together and discover each other as individuals, beyond the realms of the relationship.

Motherhood is all about unconditional love. Time to reciprocate that love and let your mom know she means the world to you.

We hope these little tips will help you fulfil some of your mom’s health and wellness goals. Would you like to share some Mother’s Day ideas as well? Please do so in the comments section, and the most unique idea stands a chance to win a gift hamper from FRU2go.

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