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Healthy Snack: The Perfect Answer to Mindful Eating | Health-on-the-go

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither will the switch from mindless snacking to mindful snacking! A healthy snack usually conjures up an image of bland and unappetising food and becomes a big no-no.

One would rather reach for that jumbo bag of sodium-rich chips and aerated drink while watching the favourite soap, at school, out with friends/family or at work.

The deep-fried, sugar-laden, over salted snacks, become our comfort food, and we tend to overindulge in them, ruining our health.

However, there is more to healthy snacking than meets the eye.

A healthy snack, while being nutritious and wholesome, can also be delicious and extremely inviting. You just have to choose well and innovatively.

In fact, snacking takes care of the in-between hunger pangs and the body’s need to replenish nutrients periodically, more so for children.

Snacks provide as much as 20% of the daily energy requirement of children. Keeping these figures in mind, The Institute of Medicine Committee on Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools recommends that 9% of the total calorie intake for school going kids should come from healthy snacks.

Here’s how healthy snacking benefits us

  • Healthy snacks give us the required nutrients to ensure their balanced growth and development.
  • They satisfy the hunger in between meals and improve overall health while providing that extra energy to keep us going all day long.
  • The periodic healthy refuelling helps in improving concentration levels and enhancing mental alertness.
  • Delicious and healthy snacks delight adults and kids alike, boosting the happiness quotient.
  • They encourage mindful eating as we are consuming food that is good for our health.
  • It builds a culture of moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

A healthy snack at hand, while at work and tackling a gruelling deadline; in your kid’s school or sports tiffin, will help you both stay fuelled and focussed, giving that much-needed recharge.

It will have the essential nutrients, proteins, fibre, vitamins, and more, to keep you energised till the next meal.

Here are 15 healthy snack options that are as delicious as they are convenient.

15 Anytime Anywhere Healthy Snacks to Keep You Satiated and Happy

  1. Fruits

    The undisputed king of healthy foods, three servings of fruit are essential for taking care of our daily nutritional needs.

    Apple, grapes, strawberry, pear, and banana are among the no-fuss fruits and can be eaten whole, making them easy to have any time.

  2. FRU2go

    A 100% pure fruit snack, FRU2go is an ideal choice for people on the go, both adults and kids.  

    Made using nothing but fruits, FRU2go contains no preservatives, flavours or artificial colours and is an instant energiser.

    It provides vital nutrients and pure fruit energy while doing away with the hassle of peeling and chopping, making it an extremely convenient healthy snacking option.

    Available in five flavours, FRU2go is a delicious fruit snack and comes in many attractive and fun packs.

  3. Roasted Fox nuts

    Popularly known as makhane, these little nuggets are extremely rich in calcium and incredibly delicious.

    Dry roast with a bit of ghee, salt and herbs. Voila! A lip-smacking healthy snack is yours to relish.

    This all-time favourite snack has been delighting households for decades.

  4. Healthy Crackers

    Multigrain, whole wheat and oat crackers are incredibly healthy and yummy healthy snack options.

    An extremely convenient snack, have it anytime and anywhere.

  5. Nuts

    Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnut are the ever-favourite. Carry a handful to work or keep in your kid’s tiffin and you are set!

    Protein and good fat consumption, taken care of! Healthy and delicious, all-in-one.

  6. Dry Fruits

    Dried apricot, raisins, dates and cranberries are delish and are the perfect answer to that mid-morning craving for something sweet.  

    Have them with dried nuts or seeds for a balanced snack.

  7. Kale Chips

    Kale is loaded with fibre and antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol, which makes it an incredibly healthy snack.

    One regular serving of kale provides 100% of the daily requirement of vitamins A, C and K. To top it, its chips are crunchy and delicious.

  8. Low-Fat Cheese

    Cheese is a delightful and delectable snacking option that never lets you down. Though make sure to go for the low-fat varieties and do not binge!

    Ricotta cheese is a fabulous choice and is rich in protein and calcium and helps in building muscle mass and strength.

  9. Baked Chips

    This is a healthy answer to your cravings for chips. Beetroot, sweet potato, potato, are some of the options. Very easy to make, these can be stored for a week or so and are a delectable anytime, anywhere snack.

    These take care of the craving while protecting you from the unhealthy sodium laden regular chips, available in the market.

  10. Dark Chocolate

    Nothing beats the joy of biting into a block of dark chocolate!

    A high percentage of cocoa, 70% or more, make chocolate the perfect in-between or after-meal dessert. Cocoa is a rich source of magnesium, which is a natural stress-buster.

    Additionally, dark chocolate is loaded with flavanols, which are known to reduce blood pressure and keeps the heart healthy.

  11. Popcorn

    Make easy air-popped popcorn and put in your child’s or your tiffin and delight in the crunchy yummy taste.

    You can add herbs and a dash of olive oil when popping these for that extra zing.

  12. Soy Chips

    Your body’s nutritional requirement for protein and your soul’s need for taste and happiness are all taken care of by these crispy little discs of soy! Say no more!

  13. Seeds

    Seeds are nature’s goodness at its best. Watermelon, melon, pumpkin, chia, flax – are some of the popular seeds.

    Abundant in fibre, protein, vitamins and all nutrients nice, seeds are a delicious answer to the hunger pangs that strike between meals.

  14. Seaweed

    This savoury, flaky and crunchy healthy snack is an excellent alternative to chips and other crackers.

    Loaded with minerals, fibre and vitamins A, B, C and K, seaweed is low in calories and rich in nutrition. This is an acquired taste, though.

  15. Roasted Chickpeas

    Chickpeas are a popular snack in India and pack a protein punch.

    Spice up with some paprika or have with gur (jaggery) and indulge guilt-free.


Healthy snacking is indeed the way to ensure we get a balanced diet throughout the day. And, if we get snacks as delicious as these, life is sorted!


However, making changes to eating habits can be a daunting task and pretty overwhelming. Therefore, it is essential we understand that every small step counts and is a step in the right direction!

Are there any healthy snacks you swear by? Please do share with us in the comments section, and the most interesting one will get a gift hamper from FRU2go.

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