Healthy And Tasty Fruit Purees For Babies

Your little one is sure growing up fast and soon it’ll be time to wean him off the mother’s milk. The next big question is how to introduce healthy food items to them. The answer is sitting right on your kitchen counter – fruits. Just boil or mash fruits one at a time or toss in a few together and prepare puree for babies. Their attractive colors, sweet and tangy delectable taste is sure to make your baby drool. Many benefits of fruits need no introduction and they make for the best treats for young babies.


Awesome Apple Sauce

Apple makes healthy puree for babies. Start with the boiled apple with a pinch of cinnamon puree right away at five or six months and see how your baby is left asking for more. It’s a great early food and is easily digestible. Packed with essential nutrients; it does not pose any threat of allergies.


Babies Love Bananas

Bananas can be introduced as mash as early as at six months but you might want to wait another two months before giving it as solid food. They are the best bet when you are trying to wean your baby. Full of pure fruit energy and taste, they make for a super fruit purees for babies.


Mango is Pureed Magic

Full of vitamins and antioxidant compounds, mangoes make for a tasty treat. It’s mostly recommended after the baby attains six months of age. However, the three-day rule of waiting and watching must be followed for the first couple of times as they might cause allergies. If you want to make the treat sweeter, mango banana fruit pulp also makes for a great combination. You can either prepare it at home or you can buy FRU2go Mango Banana flavor which is natural fruit snack in the puree form which you can easily give to your babies. The fruit snack is made of pure fruits which makes a healthy snack for babies.


Banana Apple, and it’s a Date

Dates are a natural sweetener and a super food. Since you can’t feed only dates as they may be hard to digest, so you can deseed it first and then, boil and make the puree. Combined the date puree with an apple and banana mash for an exquisite tasting puree for babies.


Peaches for the Perfect Puree

Peaches contain beta-carotene and potassium and can be poached, steamed or baked before making the puree. Peach puree has a natural sweet taste and is mild on the tongue. One needs to be careful about over steaming them, as they tend to lose their nutrient value. Also, it’s recommended to steam them with the skin on as its packed in nutrients.


Chikoo for a Charming Fruity Delight

One can start with giving the baby Chikoo puree at seven months of age.They are rich in fiber and Vitamins A and C and also good for digestion. One of the best fruits for babies, it promotes a healthy immune system and is effective against cold and cough.



Deliciously sweet papayas are filled with high amounts of folate, fiber, and vitamins A, C and E. It makes for a perfect stage two fruit and you can give this to babies at seven to eight months of age.


Kiwi for That Knockout Puree for babies

Full of natural water content, Kiwis make for a fruit pulp rich puree. The fruit is rich in Vitamins A, C, and K and also provide minerals like Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Calcium.

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