Healthy After School Snack Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

It is not simple for anybody, especially for a mother, to please a child, when it comes to food. When kids come back from school, all they need is a scrumptious and delicious snack to fuel up again. An after school snack is imperative for kids, as it fills up an empty stomach instantly. However, it is also important to provide healthy snacks to kids with a delectable taste, in order to ensure their daily nutrition. Kids usually avoid healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits. Therefore, it is essential to provide nutrition, by presenting the food in an attractive way. Fresh homemade snacks are the best option for kids, as compared to ready made snacks. It is not only natural but also ensures that the child is getting all possible nutrients like iron and calcium. Here are a few choices of healthy and delicious after school Indian snacks:


Fruits Smoothies

Kids usually dodge the ball when it comes to healthy food items like dry fruits, curd and fruits. Then why not put them together to make a smoothie, with add-ons like their favorite flavor of ice cream and a few blueberries or raspberries? This can be stored in a refrigerator and can be served to kids later in the evening, when they come back from games and other physical activity. This will give pure fruit energy and is one of the best options for an after school snack for kids.


Ragi and Wheat Cookies

Nothing is more fun than dunking in those yummy chocolaty cookies in milk! So, why not try an alternate to packed products and bake some special homemade cookies with calcium rich alternatives with ragi or wheat content. It surely is a healthier substitute. These fibre rich cookies increase metabolism and keeps up a high level of energy in kids. Hence, they ensure a healthy snack after school.



Lentil Burgerafter school snack

Most of the time, children refuse to eat protein rich food like dals and green vegetables. Therefore, it is quite difficult for a mother to feed their kids with a healthy and protein rich diet. But one can hide the goodness of lentils, by offering them in the form of a healthy lentil burger filled with crunchy lettuce, tomato, onions and a cheese spread for sure. Serve it with hot and sour ketchup and you are good to go.


Natural Fresh Juice:

In this heat, juice is one of the best options for kids, especially when they come back after their evening play time. It not only gives  nutrients but also hydrates and refreshes the body. Juice can be squeezed out of fresh raw vegetables and fruits. It is one of the best options for kids, as it ensures that the kids get all possible nutrients in the form of a  quick snack.

Snacking between meals is an essential, as it ensures that the kid is getting all vital nutrients. It is important to select a healthier snack option for an after school snack. As kids are usually involved in physical activity, therefore they require nutrient rich diet, in order to stay healthy and vigorous. Healthy eating need not be dull and dreary, rather it should be more attractive. Fruit snacks are good options for kids, in order to provide all possible nutrient supplements. Therefore, one can draw a smile on their child’s face by cooking delicious and attractive snacks for their kids.

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