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Fruits For Babies Are A Must, How To Make Them Eat Though

If your sweetest baby turns into an enfant terrible at dinner time refusing to eat vegetables, fruits, proteins or even bread or Rotis, fret not, as you are not the only parent on the planet facing this dilemma. Children are whimsical about food, and there is no way you can force them to eat what they don’t want to. Fruit for babies are a must, and they usually like them, but on one bad afternoon they can throw the worst of tantrums and refuse to eat them.

And when they do so, you only have a sermonizing or stern voice alternating with the loving whisper in your arsenal while theirs is full of multiple options. Howling, vomiting it out or at least pretending to, running around, throwing or overturning the plate including A) making it look accidental or B) deliberate, and above all variant B of option one – Howling at the loudest possible decibel levels. Stealth, not strength should be your strategy in this war. So remember that most famous ambush technique – camouflage? Well, give them fruits in the form they like and prepare a protein-rich snack for kids that they would ask second helpings of, rather than screw up their noses at.


So here are some options for healthy fruit snacks for babies


Popsicles – Best way to consume fruits for babies

Simply freeze fruit snack and make popsicles. Earlier the only option was to freeze fruit juice into popsicles, but there would be no fibre in it as pulp was not consumed. Now with fruit snack available in packaged form, it is easy to freeze the wholesome goodness of fruits into tasty popsicles your kids would love to eat.


Fruit Sandwiches – Protein rich snack for kids

For babies slightly older (above two years) this is an excellent option. Thin slices of your children’s favourite fruit with whole wheat bread and their eternal favourite – Peanut butter make for delicious sandwiches. Apples, guavas, strawberries, even mangoes can be used to make fruit sandwiches. For the rare child who does not like peanut butter, regular butter can be used. A little bit of mayonnaise can also be added in place of peanut butter. For the baby with an extra sweet tooth, jam is not a bad option. Small pieces of paneer can be sneaked in, baked, fried or raw, for that extra dose of protein.


Smoothies – Fruit for babies in the liquid form

Children are willing to drink more easily than eat. All the more so if it’s a thick smoothie with their favourite fruits and milk in it. For some fruits, you can use even healthier options like coconut milk. Smoothies are sweet, colourful and healthy – just what your child needed.


Fruit Purees – Fruits For Babies Who Are Very Young

Apple, banana, papaya, peaches and many other fruits can be turned into purees that can be spoon fed to your babies under a year. It can also be a combination of two fruits, but you need to take care that their taste goes with each other. For instance, a fruit too sour cant be mixed with a very sweet fruit as your child may not like it.



You can cook up some very simple and easy desserts for them and when we say ‘cook up’ we don’t even mean actually cook. Use your packaged fruit snack with some whipped cream, gems and a little bit of imagination and we are sure your kids will love the results. Softer, pulpy ones like grapes, bananas, mangoes etc. are fruits for babies that are very young, say under two years old and for babies between 2 to 4 you can also use apples, guavas, peaches and a little harder fruits. Of course, fruits also go very well with some traditional desserts like ice creams and custards – which are forever favourites of kids.


Design Your Dishes With Fruits For Babies

For babies very young there is another option of creating beautiful and colourful ‘designs’ with fruits that attract them. Shapes of animals, humans, even their favourite cartoon characters can be formed using fruits, gems, jam, syrups and other food items. There are a lot of images of such foods and ways of creating them available on the internet. The delighted gurgle of your baby upon seeing them would be the most satisfying sound you would have heard in a long, long time.

So with a little bit of imagination and a lot of love, it’s very easy to prepare protein-rich snacks for kids and make them eat fruits. Try the packaged fruit snacks available in the market to make the process even easier for you.


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