Change in Eating Habits Over Years-Healthy Foods to Junk Foods

With the onset of the millennial age, our old eating habits of consuming healthy foods have taken a major turn. And not all of these habits are the best if you think about your long-term health. Over the years, with the advent of modern-day job roles and nuclear families, convenience foods have jumped to the top of the list as opposed to traditional meals.


Junk Foods – Tasty but not Healthy Foods

This is especially true for the metropolitan cities in India, including the tier two and tier three cities. Children are easily tempted with junk foods like burgers, pizzas, fries and so on. These foods are not only higher in terms of saturated fats and calories, but are also a major proponent of childhood obesity and early onset of heart diseases and so on.

Parents too are leaning towards the ease and comfort of processed and packaged foods easily available in the markets these days. From instant noodles to premixed dosa batters, the food market industry has seen the gap and quickly filled it with these varied options. Making them a clear winner when it comes to preparing meals for one’s family, albeit an unhealthy one.


No more fruits

At the same time, the inclusion and  consumption of fruits  in our daily diets have also taken a major hit. Buying, sourcing and consuming fruits is not a top priority for most metro individuals. The cutting, peeling and juicing of the same fruits are another added chore that takes the convenience away when it comes to eating fruits. Making people lean more towards the dehydrated, frozen and juiced versions of the same. Without any guarantee that these options are pure and all natural. The addition of sugar, preservatives, and flavor to these so-called natural and pure choices is a common and an unhealthy practice observed by many brands in the market.

All such factors have played a large part in bumping up the national average of fat and sugar.


A Natural Alternative

Which is why we’ve come up with an easy and all natural alternative for all those who want to include fruits in their diets. With a busy lifestyle, our habit of eating healthy foods has changed to processed foods that are devoid of essential nutrients. FRU2go is pure fruit energy in an easy squeezy pack to help take care of all your fruit nutrition needs. With 100% natural fruit, no added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives, FRU2go has a shelf life of 6 months as opposed to your average fruits. Enjoy the pure goodness of bananas, strawberries, apple, and mangoes even during off-season, without losing out on their nutritional values.

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