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10 Healthy Evening Snacks To Serve At Playdates

Is it your turn to host a playdate for your kids and their friends? What appears to be easy is rather a difficult task to make all the arrangements from planning activities to deciding the snacks menu. You would want to serve as a healthy evening snacks something which is finger licking, but at the same time, it should be nutritious for those little humans. Having the snacks prepared in advance will help you free up when the kids come over. With a little brainstorming, you can create a menu of homemade quick and healthy evening snacks.


These 10 healthy evening snacks ideas will help you in deciding the menu and organising a fun playdate for your kids.


1. Sprouty Bhel


Bhel has been a favourite quick snack for all age groups, and kids are no different. But wouldn’t it be good if you could turn that tangy, spicy bhel into a healthy snacks option. You can add sprouted pulses or grams into the usual bhel ingredients, and I am sure it will only taste better.


2. Skewer sandwich


This is an exciting way to make the boring sandwich a fun snack for kids. Just put all the veggies, and little crumbs of sandwich bread on kebab skewer and children would love to explore this new look of the sandwich.


3. Rainbow fruit salad


Benefits of fruits for kids are uncountable. This is the easiest and the healthiest you could do. Fill that salad platter with as much variety of fruits as possible. To enhance the taste, you could squeeze a little lemon or sprinkle some fruit salt over the salad.


4. Cupcake Pizza


Pizzas top the kid’s favourite menu. Hide in as many veggies in these little cheesy cupcakes to make it a nutritious option. Your kids will love to eat veggies when they will be mixed with cheese.


5. Fruit and cream cheese crackers


Just spread the cream cheese on those crispy crackers and top those with assorted berries and you are done. You will find the snack plate empty in no time.


6. Masala corns


I am sure your kids must be demanding those buttery masala corns whenever they see a vendor in the malls or movie halls, and why not they taste so yummy. They are a perfect option for your evening snacks menu and are very healthy too. Serve them in little paper cups to let your children feel as if they have it in a mall.


7. Apple Nachos


Thinly sliced apples drizzled with chocolate sauce are a crowd pleaser. Sprinkle some berries or raisins to enhance the nacho platter, and you will be the favourite mom amongst the group.


8. Traffic light Pasta


It is exciting as its name suggests. Your usual pasta recipe (cheese/ red sauce) having lots of carrots, corns, and peas. It is simple and healthy snacking option and your children will love to have something so colourful on their plate.


9. Yummy Fro-yo


Frozen yogurts are very easy to make at home. Just blend the milk with fruits for the desired flavour and freeze them in the yogurt setting. While serving add freshly cut fruits to enhance the flavour and there will be no need of Ice-cream on your menu list.


10. Crunchy strawberry banana bites


Dip bananas and strawberries slices in yogurt and roll one in crushed whole-grain cereal. Freeze the little pops with or without popsicles according to availability. I am sure little hands will grab them all.


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