About Us

Who We Are
Coming from the legacy of the Jain Irrigation brand, FRU2go follows the same ethos – we bring to you a product from Indian farms, by Indian farmers and for the modern Indian family. Our range of fresh snacks are perfect for anyone looking for a nutritious fruit fix, without the hassle of cutting and peeling, and without any rotting and damaging. FRU2go’s child-friendly and accessible packaging makes it easy to consume for travelers, children and anyone else looking to enjoy fresh fruit snack from the Indian soil.
What We Do
We strive to provide you with nothing but fresh fruit snack without added preservatives, artificial flavors or color. In our state of the art factory, we examine each fruit closely and put it through our thorough processes of cutting and peeling the best fruit snack is ready to be served to you.
Why Choose Us?

100% Natural

FRU2go brings to you the goodness of natural fresh fruits, keeping you healthy, active and in great shape.

No Added Colour

Everything about FRU2go is fresh, organic and from the soil – including the color of the snack.

No Added Preservatives

No more worrying about health damaging preservatives – FRU2go is 100% fruit and nothing else.

No Artificial Flavours

Each fruit is gifted with so much flavor from the Earth, we felt no need to add any artificial ones.

Our Food Processing Unit