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Unique Features Of FRU2go

100% Natural Product

FRU2go brings to you the goodness of natural fresh fruits, keeping you healthy, active and in great shape.

No Added Preservatives

No more worrying about health damaging preservatives – FRU2go is 100% fruit and nothing else.

No Artificial Flavours

Each fruit is gifted with so much flavour from the Earth, we felt no need to add any artificial ones.

No Added Colour

Everything about FRU2go  is fresh, organic and from the soil – including the colour of the fruit snack.

Convenient Packaging

FRU2go  has got you covered with its handy packaging, perfect for busybees.

Why Choose FRU2go

100% Natural fruit

From ripe mangoes to perfect strawberries, orchard apples to perfect bananas – FRU2go fruit snack has got you covered for all the fruity nutrition you need! We even offer the perfect natural blend of it all – the mixed fruit snack.

Can be consumed on-the-go

Carry FRU2go with you to work or school or while travelling and never miss out on the energy and nutrition of the perfect fruit snack.

Easy to carry

The worry of cutting, peeling and ensuring that your fruit is fresh is no longer yours – we’ve taken it on ourselves to bring to you a hassle free project that can be carried around easily and is packed with goodness.

No special storage requirement

In rain, hail, snow and sunshine – FRU2go will taste just the same and never disappoint.
From The Blog
Experts Say
The fruity flavors were very refreshing! Unlike other fruit products, this tasted like real fruit plus the pulp and minus the added sugar. We loved the consistency, taste and the convenient packaging.
Digitizing Food Food Blogger
I wholeheartedly endorse this product. It’s extremely nutritious and anyone can have it at any time of the day. The perfect solution to kids and adults craving.
Dr. Vibha BawaNutritionist
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